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AFoPS Special Meeting in Prague

The Asian Forum for Polar Sciences (AFoPS) special meeting in 2017 was held in Prague in March. As the chairman of the AFoPS rotation for year 2017-2018, the conference was hosted by the Polar Research Institute of China.

This meeting discussed the revision of 2016 AFoPS annual meeting, participants agreed that the implementation progress of all countries or related polar research projects should be appropriately increased. The handover work from KOPRI to PRIC such as website, drafting and amendment were discussed.

Following consensus were agreed by all participants at the discussion of Main Issues: Thailands Application for Membership was approved; each member country could nominate one honorary member candidate for people who have made significant contribution to the development of AFoPS; the framework of the agenda for annual meeting to be held in Shanghai in September 2017 was adopted.


group photo for participants on prague’s meeting.png