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AFoPS Committee

AFoPS Committee comprises one representative and one coordinator from respective Members.
The Committee is headed by Chair, a representative selected normally by rotation among the Members,
with two-year term of service. The coordinator from the same institution with Chair serves as Secretary.
The Committee operates on the basis of consensus and meets at least once a year prior to the AGM,
to decide AFoPS’ major issues including:

  • Common strategies for research and logistic cooperation;
  • Creation/termination of Action Groups and endorsement of AG chairs;
  • Invitation of new observers;
  • Accepting new Members, etc.
Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at least once every year to discuss the matters of Members’ common interests.
Representatives, coordinators, WG members and chairs, observers, and other designated invitees by the Chair
meet at AGMs. The Chair hosts and arranges AGMs, where new research proposals for AFoPS
and WG reports are considered.

Working Groups / Action Groups

Working Groups / Action Groups are to promote and coordinate research and logistic cooperation among the AFoPS Members.
AFoPs Committee endorses WG/AG chairs to plan and execute issue-specific cooperative programs.
WGs/AGs are expected to report their activities to AFoPS Committee annually. The following WGs are stipulated in the current Term of

  • Earth Science (ES)
  • Life Science (LS)
  • Planetary Science (PS)
  • Glaciological Science (GS)
  • Ocean Science (OS)
  • Logistics and Outreach (L&O)

We are currently in transition to forming more theme-oriented Action Groups.