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Title Visit of SCAR Professor, Dr. Xavier Crosta at NCAOR
Attachment    3-01.png    3-02.png Date 2018-10-10

Visit of SCAR Professor, Dr. Xavier Crosta at NCAOR

Dr. Xavier Crosta, senior scientist in paleooceanography at the University of Bordeaux, France visited NCAOR from 5th -22nd March 2018. As a part of SCAR Visiting Professorship, Dr Crosta undertook training to teach diatom taxonomy, statistical approaches to produce quantitative estimates of sea surface temperature and sea ice conditions and Southern Ocean paleoceanography to the young researcher at NCAOR.

Dr Crosta was awarded the visit to India to train five PhD students and post-doctoral fellows on diatom taxonomy, diatom slide preparation and diatom-based transfer function. The group identified the species’ specific characteristics on the microscope, and worked on modern and fossil samples covering different time slices and different regions of the Southern Ocean. Dr Crosta also shared his experience of science with the trainees on aspects such as delivering an effective oral presentation and crafting scientific papers (

Dr. Xavier Crosta also delivered 03 public lectures at NCAOR, Goa titled:

a.Antarctic Sea Ice in the changing world: Insight from paleostudies” on 14.03.2018.

b.‘Late Holocene Sea ice dynamics in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean and potential forcing mechanisms’ on 16th March, 2018.

c.‘Environmental conditions of Kerguelen Islands during the last 40k years’ on 19th March, 2018.

Xavier’s lectures on paleo-oceanography have enlightened the audience from scientific as well as non-scientific background.