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Title Training under Indo- Norwegian OCTEL Project organised by ESSO-NCAOR in association with NPI
Attachment    01.png    02.png Date 2018-10-10

Training under Indo- Norwegian OCTEL Project organised by ESSO-NCAOR in association with NPI

OCTEL (Ocean, sea ice and atmospheric teleconnections between Southern Ocean and North Atlantic, during the Holocene) is an Indo- Norwegian project undertaken by ESSO- National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (ESSO-NCAOR) in collaboration with Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI), Norway. The project aims to explore the ocean, sea-ice and atmosphere interactions both in the Southern Ocean and the northern North Atlantic in order to assess the manifestation of inter hemispheric teleconnection and their influence on climate during last 11,700 years (the Holocene) with a special focus on the last 2000 years. The Holocene, was considered to be a stable period, considering large scale climatic oscillations, but sub orbital (Millennial to decadal) scale has been recorded throughout its span.

ESSO-NCAOR in collaboration with NPI, Norway organised a training course on ‘Quantitative reconstructions and numerical methods for Analysis of Past climatic variability using diatoms’ under the Indo-Norwegian Project- OCTEL from 21st to 24th November, 2017.

Six students from 04 institutes/ universities selected for the specialised course. The course encompassed lectures from basic taxonomy of diatoms to the numerical analysis for past reconstruction followed by poster presentation by the participants. Lectures were delivered by the Norwegian mentors, Dr. Lisa Orme, NPI on basics of Diatoms; Dr. Dimitry Divine, NPI on quantitative paleoceanography using microfossil data and Dr. Arto Miettinen, NPI on taxonomy of diatoms. On the last day of training, participants presented poster on their research works. The training was well appreciated by all the participants who learned quantitative technique for paleoclimatic reconstruction.